Bradley Cooper directed A Star Is Born while pretending to be drunk

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  • 23 November 2018
Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has admitted he directed 'A Star Is Born' while in a fake drunken state

Bradley Cooper directed 'A Star Is Born' while in a fake drunken state.

The 43-year-old actor – who starred in and directed the drama movie – has revealed he stayed in character even when he was working behind the camera.

Bradley – who plays Jackson Maine, an established singer-songwriter and an alcoholic, alongside Lady Gaga – told Vanity Fair magazine: "Thank God the actors were willing to allow me to direct them sort of in that state because it was easier to stay in that space. It just took me a little longer to communicate what I wanted."

Gaga, 32 – who plays Ally Maine, a nightclub singer-songwriter who is discovered by Jackson, in the movie – admitted to being impressed by Bradley's ability to juggle his two jobs.

The chart-topping star also praised the way in which Bradley approached the issue of addiction.

She recalled: "We're having this extremely emotional, awful conversation with each other and – at the same time – you have to completely trust your director.

"In a moment where I'm almost untrusting of him and angry with him and insulted by him, I'm also, in the back of my mind, in the space of comfort, in the space of love.

"What was very special about that scene, for me anyways, was the themes of alcoholism and the theme of co-dependency and addiction – that is something that has affected me in my life. To share that with him was very, very special to me. He really honoured that."

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