Peas in a pod?

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  • 28 July 2008

Should Stu hang with Rex and Mo?

Stuart is hanging around with the "wrong crowd", according to Mikey.

The blind radio producer warned the father-of-one of Rex and Mohamed after seeing him chatting with the pair in the nomination pod.

He said: "You got in with the wrong crowd, Stu."

Later this afternoon, Stuart revealed there was "stuff" about Sylvia he couldn't discuss but promised to tell Mikey when they left the house.

A 'Big Brother' insider had previously been reported as saying the pair were involved in a steam y relationship during a trial run of the show but were forbidden from talking about it when in the real house.

Mikey said: "That's what ruined you from day one. You were snookered because of Sylvia and Jen.

"Every time someone goes it changes how you are with other people."

Sylvia was evicted in week three with 90.2% of the vote while Jennifer was kicked out in week four, receiving 89.7% of the vote.

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