Dave Clarke - The eloquent rebel

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  • 17 July 2008
Dave Clarke - The eloquent rebel

The last true generation of musical mavericks in Britain weren't indie kids or punks or rockers, but DJs. They blazed a trail, setting heads alight with a singular style and fevered musical vision. Among those deserving of such praise are Kirk Degiorgio, Luke Vibert, Aphex Twin, Andrew Weatherall and, top of the heap, Dave Clake. John Peel's declaration that Clark was the 'Baron of Techno' is wholly apposite, as he remains a stalwart and champion of electronica.

The USP for Clarke was not only his predilection for minimal Detroit techno but his deftness at the turntables. His famed cutting and scratching techniques have more in common with hip hop DJing than the blends and fades of techno and house.

For Hydro Connect Clarke is playing one of his famed electro sets, foregoing the four to the floor beats in favour of stabbing 808 kickdrums and squelching analogue synth abuse.

'I may be established but I'll never be establishment,' Clarke declared in 2005. Rebels may occasionally be this self-aware but rarely this eloquent.

Unknown Pleasures Tent, Sat.


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