Lisa's scientific claim

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 28 July 2008

Lisa claims a friend of hers discovered the human genome.

The kooky housemate - who also claims to have seen aliens and to have psychic powers - said her friend found the sets of chromosomes which determine human beings' hereditary traits.

The former bodybuilder made the revelation while everyone from the Hell side of the house were sorting out 14,000 tiny cake decorations into colour order.

She said: "One of my mates is a scientist. She discovered the human genome."

But everyone else laughed at the 40-year-old sales rep's claim.

Darnell asked: "Do you not get a prize for that?"

Dale added: "Your friend discovered the DNA of human beings? That is remarkable, that."

But trainee teacher Rachel was unconvinced of Lisa's claim to scientific fame.

She said: "DNA was discovered years ago Lisa."

Lisa replied: "Not DNA. The human genome. It's mint, innit?"

A man named Francis Collins was the head of an international operation which discovered the human genome.

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