Rex bullies Rachel

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  • 28 July 2008

Rex laid into Rachel again

Rex continued to bully Rachel about her profile video this afternoon. The arrogant chef - who branded Rachel a "liar" and a "fake" last night after seeing a screening of her before she entered the house didn't match her personality - began winding her up again in the garden.

He said: "What's up faker?"

Rachel replied: "I don't care anymore, Rex. I really don't."

But the self-styled playboy wouldn't let up, telling the trainee teacher she played a "good game".

Rachel said: "Just because I'm not your interpretation of being confident, doesn't mean I'm not confident. Just because you think I'm boring, Rex, does not mean I'm boring.

"And just because you don't think I'm chatty and bubbly does not mean I'm not chatty and bubbly... So there."

Rex replied: "Well, you were on the video anyway. And you played a good game. Don't think you've got me fooled, eh? Rachel."

Rex went on to poke fun at how Rachel doesn't mention her nationality in the video, claiming she isn't actually from Wales.

He said to Mohamed: "What did she say? I think she said it in Welsh. Oh wait, I forgot, she's not even from Wales."

Rachel replied: "I did talk about Wales. It's not my fault they didn't put it in."

Rex added: "They obviously didn't think you sounded Welsh enough to play on that fact. Or didn't think you knew enough about Wales, like where it is for instance."

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1. Boo29 Jul 2008, 8:24am Report

I can understand the fact that Rex wants to know where the Girl from the VT went but if he thought for just one minute he would realise she has been there all along......right underneath his ego. Rex is a spoilt little rich boy who likes to belittle people he thinks are weaker than him. The sad thing is he is the weak one, for the first few weeks in the House he whined soo much about going Home, basically because no-one liked him and he had no friends. He was pathetic, desperately wanting to be liked but trying to put a brave (Red) face on things. Now he has a few allies (Stu & Mo), he feels he is top-dog and I can't wait for him to come crashing down from that pedestal he has put himself on. As for Rachel, I like her, she's normal and not afraid to be unpopular by not conforming to the behaviour of the rest of the group, however I do wish she would stand up for herself more. She's intelligent and capable of showing Rex up for the stupid little prat he is but she does not seem to be quite there yet....come on Rachel! Get angry, get mean and show them what you got instead of letting them intimidate you into losing your confident and bubbly side.

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