We Interrupt This Programme (3 stars)

We Interrupt This Programme

Agit prop show at PPP brings satire to West End

The DM Collective, named after much missed A Play a Pie and a Pint creator David Maclennan, is a collaboration featuring twelve of Scotland's best loved political playwrights and theatre makers. And so, their remit is creating old school agit-prop theatre with a sketch format.

The between sketches plot is simple: idealistic young activist Charley (Cat Grozier) storms the BBC studios, to hold them accountable for political bias. Armed with only a 3D print-out of a gun and her quick wit, she's going to show them all what she's made of. But there's hell toupee, in the form of Dave Anderson's oily anchorman Dan Daily and his wayward wig, and his glamorous co-host Nina Knightley (Elizabeth Caproni), out to challenge the patriarchy in killer heels and deploying nasty quips.

Some moments have a surrealist sharpness. Ross Mann's Tory exercise workout feels like Vic and Bob styled weirdness writ large, which is all to the good. The Question Time parody, with an agenda of making money and selling products, feels like a timely kiss off. And a riff on empty sound bites with a tartan cringe factor taps into a lot of contemporary feelings about the selling of Scottish cultural touchstones across the globe.

It's not perfect, by any means. Some of the songs are perhaps not as hard-hitting as has been seen before on the Oran Mor stage, and not all of the jokes come across. A fine cast nonetheless works very hard, and it's impossible not to get caught up in their enthusiasm.

Oran Mor, until Nov 10.

A Play, a Pie and a Pint: We Interrupt this Programme

Performance by the DM Collective about questioning what we're told in an era of fake news, tabloid sensationalism and mass distraction.