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Camera Obscura guitarist Kenny McKeeve gives Malcolm Jack some top tips for taking on a summer festival and winning

Usually we must bring salt and vinegar crisps – there never seems to be enough of them around. And a couple of extra bottles of wine and extra carry out – someone invariably nicks your cans. Any budget you plan to take with you, I’d sort of quadruple the amount, because you always end up spending more than you expect. In terms of what to wear, I’d advise against any kind of small, frail Converse-style trainers because they’ll get really manky.

When it comes to Food, my advice would be to bring lots of toilet paper and try everything. I had curried goat for the first time at a festival in England last year. Try anything you can get your hands on, but just be prepared for the consequences. The best people to get in with, if you’re a band – apart from the punters of course – are probably the people who can go and get you another tray of beer when the first lot runs out.

Camping? We’re happy campers in life, yes, but perhaps not at festivals. You have to go in the full expectation that you’re not going to get any sleep or peace and quiet at all. But then, you would never go to a music festival for peace and quiet would you?

Camera Obscura play the Guitars and Other Machines Stage, Sun.


Returning for a second year after its successful debut the boutique festival has corralled headliners Kasabian, Manic Street Preachers, Bloc Party, Paolo Nutini, Grinderman, Franz Ferdinand, Sigur Ros and Goldfrapp. There will be five stages: 'The Oyster stage', 'Guitars and other Machines', 'Manicured Noise', 'Unknown…

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