Chrysalis is back and out to prove that young people aren't snowflakes


David Monteith Hodge

The threatre programme curated by young people includes works examining 24-hour culture, disparity between the rich and poor and explorations of non-binary lives

A curated programme of work created by young people, Chrysalis is a festival that celebrates excellence within youth theatre and presents a series of examinations of contemporary society. From Junges Ensemble Marabu's There is a Globe Stuck in my Throat (Thu 15–Sat 17 Nov), a look at the massive disparity between the rich and poor, to 147 Hz Can't Pass use of non-binary testimonials (Fri 16 & Sat 17 Nov), Chrysalis is a bracing reminder that engaged theatre is not only the domain of established companies.

Shaking The Habitual (Fri 16 & Sat 17 Nov), from Platform Young Company, is a new multi-faceted performance, integrating elements of language, sound and movement, which asks wider questions about how the audience perceive the world and if they can change their collective mindset in order to improve everyday living.

Meanwhile, Noise (Thu 15–Sat 17 Nov) from Camden Youth Theatre is a theatre gig which aims to provide an alternative to the city's constant noise and the bombardment of information in our 24-hour culture. Focusing on their own ideas, music and ways of living, it is a sharp insight into young people's lives.

These productions all promise to interrogate issues which impact on youth on a global scale. So much for the lazy stereotype of young people being apathetic, navel-gazing 'snowflakes'.

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Thu 15–Sat 17 Nov


Created and curated by Youth Theatre Arts Scotland, Chrysalis – their annual festival of youth performance – presents a selection of young people’s work that can stand as examples of excellence. First formed in 2015, this unique platform has an emphasis on emerging youthful companies who present uncompromising…