Ty Segall – Fudge Sandwich (3 stars)

Ty Segall

A collection of rock covers that feel like a mixtape from an old friend

Where does Ty Segall find the time? 2018's already brought his tenth solo album in as many years – the excellent Freedom's Goblin – as well as Joy, a full-length collaboration with White Fence. That barely scratches the surface of the last decade; this most prolific of artists has gifted us live albums, cassette releases, and a collection of T-Rex covers in that time. His latest effort is another album of other people's songs and it's a blast.

To his credit, Fudge Sandwich doesn't feel like a throwaway effort at all. It's a valuable tour through a record collection that's been listened to and loved, and the results are frequently surprising. War's classic 'Low Rider' (slowed down and shorn of that instantly recognisable saxophone riff) is unrecognisable here, reimagined as a sinister industrial soundscape. The frantic punk of the Dil's 'Class War' is given the power pop treatment, ending up like something from Big Star's #1 Record. The irresistibly groovy 'Hit It And Quit It' from Parliament's Maggot Brain gets a stoner rock makeover, the funky guitar riff given some punishing muscle. You'd be hard pressed to dance to it, but don't be put off by that. Sometimes it's just a pleasure to hear great songs played well with passion. There's some distorted guitars on a soulful rendition of John Lennon's 'Isolation', but the main lesson learned is that the ex-Beatle was an incredibly gifted songwriter.

Fudge Sandwich's greatest achievement might be that it introduces the younger members of Ty Segall's devoted fanbase to the krautrock of Amon Düül II, to the never ending archives of Neil Young's brilliant back catalogue, and to Parliament, a bizarrely underrated group in the guitar music stakes. Think of it as a mixtape from a friend. An old-fashioned present, but done well, one that can be a companion for life.

Out now on In The Red.

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