Claire Foy's Girl in the Spider's Web nerves

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  • 6 November 2018
Claire Foy

Claire Foy

Claire Foy was worried about taking up the lead role in the 'Girl in the Spider's Web' as two "amazing actresses" - Rooney Mara and Noomi Rapace - have taken on the part in the past

Claire Foy was nervous about taking up a role in the 'Girl in the Spider's Web'.

The 34-year-old actress admits she was worried about playing Lisbeth Salander in the drama thriller movie, as two "amazing actresses" – Rooney Mara and Noomi Rapace – have taken on the role in the past.

Speaking on Good Morning America, she said: "Just because it comes with so much baggage. It comes with the fact that two amazing actresses have done it so brilliantly before. Also you're fighting an uphill battle when you're trying to compete with people's imagination. That's almost an impossible thing to do."

Meanwhile, Claire previously confessed she "read and reread" the 'Millennium' saga to prepare for her role in 'The Girl In The Spider's Web'.

She shared: "I saw the films years ago as a regular fan. But, once you put yourself inside a character, you have to ignore earlier interpretations and create your own version. I found my own way into Lisbeth. It wasn't so much trying to do something different from how she was portrayed before, but simply building the character and making her my own. I read and reread the books to make sure I didn't do anything that was fake or contradicted how Lisbeth was originally described and I tried to stick to that as the basis for my approach."

And Claire found her dramatic change of image for the role to be "liberating" and she loved undergoing a transformation every day.

She explained: "It was liberating. I didn't have to worry about being attractive or being liked or any of that nonsense that women often have to wake up thinking every day, how does the world see me? It was nice just to be like this. I got an undercut, which is something I never thought I would have. It was great! Then all her tattoos and just how she moves and the clothes she wears. I've always enjoyed wearing leather jackets and trousers, that kind of look. I loved being her every day actually. What you see is what you get. I quite enjoyed that."

The Girl in the Spider's Web

  • 3 stars
  • 2018
  • UK / Germany / Sweden / Canada / USA
  • 1h 57min
  • 15
  • Directed by: Fede Álvarez
  • Cast: Claire Foy, Sverrir Gudnason, LaKeith Stanfield, Sylvia Hoeks, Stephen Merchant
  • UK release: 21 November 2018

Lisbeth Salander returns, recruited by a computer boffin (Merchant) to hack a program that accesses nuclear codes, but then her sister (Hoeks) shows up wanting revenge on her for fleeing home. Foy is impressive but it goes for surface thrills rather than psychological depth.

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