FFS!! by Timberlina (3 stars)

FFS!! by Timberlina

Eco woes with fully formed comic creation mostly works

Tim Redfern's eco drag character Timberlina is like the bastard offspring of 1970s' sit-com The Good Life's Margo Leadbetter and hippy singer Donovan, with a dash of kids' TV parodists Trev and Simon and The Singing Corner. They are lovably bonkers, getting the audience on side straight away.

FFS! is inspired by Redfern's relocation from the city to a rural environment. Armed with just a guitar and a quick wit, these psychedelic tunes about recycling, white middle class male entitlement and fatbergs are mired in genuine exasperation against human complacency and wastefulness. During the best moments, there's a lovely nod to the pomposity of protest singers, impotently strumming away to a crowd of beautiful people, out for a nice evening, who won't engage with the message.

In second hand seventies floaty glam threads, Timberlina can't help but let genuine anger seep out through their warm and smiling persona. The banter is funny, but always pointed.

Not all of the songs work. 'Carbon Footprint' could use a little pruning back, and 'I Spoke To The Trees' feels a little trite. Still, this is a fully-formed comic creation, and can go down many mischievous and interesting routes. Timberlina is a pleasure to spend time with, and it's good to see comedy with a political conscience which avoids being didactic or too obvious

FFS!! by Timberlina

Unconventional true-story of a bearded drag lady's escape from the tyranny of city life.