Housemates' divine intervention

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  • 28 July 2008

Dale has been targeted by Angels

Angel housemates have set up a coup to nominate Dale, Luke and Darnell. The privileged housemates discussed who they wanted out of the house last night in the special nomination pod which was set up in the Heaven part of the house.

Stuart, Mikey, Rex and Mohamed were allowed to talk about who they wanted out and have decided to vote tactically to evict the threesome.

Rex said: "Dale wants to be up and Luke wants to go. If three of us do it we've got a good chance."

Dale and Stuart had previously said they would like to be put to the public vote to test their popularity.

But head of house Stu - who is immune from nominations this week - refused to vote for his friend.

He said: "I think Luke's up anyway. The only person I'm gonna vote for is Darnell."

The father-of-one also aired his fears about being portrayed badly in the edited show and was worried his home may be "egged".

He said: "I could be nice 23 hours a day, say something wrong and that's what's shown."

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