Paul McCartney defends Linda's singing skills

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  • 2 November 2018
Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney has defended his late wife Linda McCartney's singing abilities and praised her "distinctive" voice

Sir Paul McCartney has defended his late wife Linda McCartney's singing abilities.

The American photographer – who tragically passed away in 1998 aged 56 after a battle with breast cancer – withstood a lot of criticism for her questionable vocals when she was part of her husband's post-Beatles band Wings, but he has dismissed the backlash.

Macca told The Guardian: "On things like the song 'I am Your Singer' – and, well, all of them – I really love Linda's voice.

"It's very distinctive and she sings well. I'm sort of listening for it being what the critics said – you know: 'Oh, she's not very good.'

"But her tone is great. The decision to have Linda in the band singing was a tough one, because she's never sung professionally."

The 'Hey Jude' hitmaker – who is married to his third wife Nancy Shevell – admitted that when he formed Wings in 1971, he knew that he would never be able to trump the phenomenal success of the Fab Four.

The legendary rocker – who had four children with his first wife, including fashion designer Stella McCartney – added: "But it was: whatever we do, we're not going to do what The Beatles did."

Linda – who was a passionate animal rights activist – once said she was unfazed by the criticism she received over her poor vocals because she initially had no intention of becoming a singer and valued her altruistic qualities over her musical skills.

She explained: "Does it really matter? If I wasn't married to Paul, it wouldn't matter. I think I'm the opposite of what most people think – basically a kind person. Some of the criticism I get may be jealousy."

Indeed, Sir Paul has now added that he had no regrets over Wings, and he's happy the band existed in the way it did.

He said: "Looking back on it, I'm really glad we did it."

Paul McCartney

Ex-Beatle, Ex-Wings, classical composer, poet, artist, animal rights activist, writer of silly love songs – Paul McCartney'll be a name familiar to your brain. Settle back for an evening of classic hits and a few more recent ones thrown in for good measure. It's cool – he'll probably play 'Hey Jude'. Get practicing your…


1. John Rowe5 Nov 2018, 4:21pm Report

Paul loves Linda (AKA “Linder” vis-à-vis Liverpudlian Cockney). Who would not want to take their newlywed wife on the road to show her what you do best?! So he trained her to do what she was able/willing to do. What she did was done well and with Love. She knew she was not Wix but Wix loved his keyboard buddy! I have no perspicacious insights except to say that any musician who puts love into all they do, lived a beautiful, wonderful life! Cheers, Linda!

2. ray watt6 Nov 2018, 10:13pm Report

it worked in some songs...some people never know...RAM songs...seaside woman...if she was in a choir....alto 85th chair.....which is better than Mrs. Lennon who would be 3.8m th chair Soprano behind a wounded dog...George and Ringo new better..they were fukin Beatles..

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