Nomination pod installed

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  • 28 July 2008

Rex laid into Dale during private chat

Housemates are now allowed to talk about nominations.

The lucky members of the Heaven side of the house - Stuart, Mohamed, Rex and Mikey - have the opportunity to enter a special pod in which they can only discuss who they want out of the house.

If they talk about anything else while in the pod, they will be punished.

Housemates must ring a buzzer - much like the way they enter the Diary Room - before they can go in two at a time and start discussing nominations.

Rex and Mohamed wasted no time in revealing their dislike for Hell housemate Dale.

Mo said: "I can tell Dale still has grudges against me for things that happened in the past."

Rex said: "I want him to go for complaining about Kat's singing."

He added: "Darnell's become so strong by being in here. That's why I wouldn't want to put him up for nomination.

"Luke is half a person. Bex and Luke were a double act. Luke was rude and Bex would jump on it and make it funny. On his own, he's just rude."

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