Rachel is 'fake'

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  • 28 July 2008

Rachel video sparked controversy

'Big Brother' Angels branded Rachel a "fake" and a "liar" after seeing her profile video yesterday. Stuart, Rex, Mohamed and Mikey were treated to a private screening - where they binged on beer, pizza, popcorn, chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks - of the Hell housemates before they went into the house.

The Angels labelled Rachel as the person who was least like the way she presented herself on the video.

Stuart told her: "The girl in that VT is f*****g mint!

"Your VT is the best by far, better than anyone else's but it's not you, it's nothing like you and you know it. It's a fake, you're a liar. If it was you would be the coolest person in here."

Rex added: "You're the most boring. I'd swap you for Scrabble!"

The wealthy playboy went on to slam Dale for his chauvinistic rant.

He said: "Yours was really bad, dude. You said, 'if there's any fanny in that house, I'm gonna nail it. For a hundred bucks, I'll stab anyone in the back.' You were the biggest k**b. Even you would hate you."

But the Angels praised Darnell for having the best video and said Sara's was the most accurate representation.

Later, Lisa - who was one half of 'Big Brother's' first couple before partner Mario was booted off two weeks ago - also laid into Rachel, saying she saw her flirting with her boyfriend and stroking his chest.

She said: "I thought, 'it's not normal' it was all the time, she was everywhere, undressing him with her eyes. I was convinced it was a task."

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