The Hot 100 2018: 10–4

Kathryn Joseph, Karen Gillan and Adura Onashile are among our favourite cultural contributors this year

Without a doubt, 2018 has been a year of incredible female activism and empowerment. From #MeToo and Time's Up to the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act, which gave some women the vote, the various events of this year have renewed and reinvigorated the fight for gender equality. With this in mind, this year's Hot 100 is all about celebrating the women in Scotland that are making a sizeable splash with their many accomplishments, innovations and creative endeavours across arts and culture. In the words of Beyoncé, 'who run the world?'…

10 Adura Onashile

The Hot 100 2018: 10–4

This recipient of the Channel 4 Playwright Scheme is currently artist-in-residence at the Traverse Theatre. Having garnered huge critical acclaim for her powerful acting role in Creditors, Onashile is now developing new work. Immensely versatile, she's also a powerful playwright. (LI)

9 Katy & Karen Koren

The Hot 100 2018: 10–4

As well as expanding the Gilded Balloon's range in 2018 as the year-round Rose Theatre fully took root, and maintaining GB's position as a key player on the Edinburgh Fringe landscape, the mother and daughter team gave us plenty of insights and anecdotes with their Boss Wummin' podcast. (BD)

8 Jackie Wylie

The Hot 100 2018: 10–4

credit: Christopher Bowen

The National Theatre of Scotland's artistic director is determined to represent the imagination of a nation, and by commissioning a musical from Birds of Paradise and inviting Gob Squad to disrupt in Glasgow, she demonstrates her fierce vision for a theatre beyond walls. (GKV)

7 404 Ink

The Hot 100 2018: 10–4

credit: Suzanne Heffron

Heather McDaid and Laura Jones' alt.indie publishing house took last year's Hot 100 number one spot and 2018 has been equally as successful for them. They've had releases from Helen McClory, Chris McQueer, and a graphic feminist anthology in collaboration with BHP Comics. (KG)

6 Karine Polwart

The Hot 100 2018: 10–4

credit: Sandy Butler

The Radio 2 Folk Singer of the Year award went nicely alongside Karine Polwart's Scottish Album of the Year shortlisting for A Pocket of Wind Resistance. On the live front, she proved a vibrant addition to the Edinburgh International's Festival Light on the Shore programme with her Scottish Songbook. (BD)

5 Karen Gillan

The Hot 100 2018: 10–4

Not only starring in two huge blockbusters – front and centre alongside The Rock, Jack Black and Kevin Hart in Jumanji and as a member of Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers: Infinity War – Gillan also made her directorial debut with The Party's Just Beginning which premiered at the Glasgow Film Festival. Read full Q&A. (HN)

4 Kathryn Joseph

The Hot 100 2018: 10–4

credit: Lena Galovicova

Her breakthrough in 2015 established Kathryn Joseph as one of the most unique and exciting musical voices in Scotland, and this year's reputation-reinforcing second album From When I Wake the Want Is brought her renewed national attention. The live show, designed by theatre company Cryptic, was also outstanding. (DP)

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