Dale blanks Luke

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  • 27 July 2008

Dale thinks Luke is sly

Dale has turned on "sly" Luke. The hunky housemate - who has been moping around since losing his photograph of him and former housemate Jennifer behind a cabinet - said he realised how much the politics student bitches about other housemates this morning.

He told Rex: "I've just realised what people are like in here. I can't stand the sly comments. If you've got something to say, just say it."

Later, Dale walked away from Luke when the 20-year-old student tried to start a conversation.

Luke has been accused of being two-faced in the past and is constantly moaning about housemates in the Diary Room.

Meanwhile, Big Brother mistook Stuart for Dale in a Diary Room chat today.

Stuart told Dale afterwards: "I swear to God. I was proper laughing. We are just clones. Everyone's gonna say it."

Luke added: "You two just merge into one. You're inseparable."

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