Luke's Kat spat

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  • 27 July 2008

Luke thinks Kat is a gimmick

Luke branded Kat a "drama queen" this morning. The politics nut woke up and began bitching about the bubbly masseuse with fellow Hell housemate Lisa.

The 20-year-old was particularly annoyed at how Kat shouted 'yes' when his unlikely lover Rebecca was evicted from the 'Big Brother' house on Friday.

He said: "She's just one big gimmick. On Friday she made the cookie dough during the day, but didn't cook it until five minutes before the live show, to like, reinforce her image.

"I tell you what Lisa, she is one big gimmick, and I'm sick of it."

Later, former bodybuilder Lisa upset Kat when she accused her of keeping her awake last night with her noisy habits.

Lisa said: "If you can stay up and have a laugh it is good fun. But if you're not like that and you wanna go to sleep, it's difficult."

She had earlier agreed with Luke that Kat was doing it on purpose.

But rich playboy Rex was quick to comfort Kat - who is current bookies' favourite to win the show at 2-1.

He said: "Come on. Lisa does compare herself to Jesus. All her marbles aren't there."

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