Mikey's late night

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  • 27 July 2008

Mikey stayed up for the first time

Mikey stayed up until after 3am for the first time this morning.

The blind Scot - who usually moans about fellow housemates coming into the bedroom in the early hours and waking him up - claimed he was the new "baddie of B-Block".

Mikey - who is currently in the Heaven part of the house after coming runner up in the chilli eating task - blamed food for keeping him up so late.

He had been eating Champagne truffles with his fellow Heavenly housemates as part of a special treat earlier in the evening.

Kat was astonished to see Mikey up at such a late hour.

She said: "Mikey up, the last person!"

Darnell was also shocked.

He added: "This is going in all the papers."

When Mikey finally decided to turn in, the cheeky comic tried to talk to fellow Heavenly housemates Rex, Mohamed and Stuart, despite the fact they were all trying to get to sleep.

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