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  • 27 July 2008

Stu is immune from nominations

Stuart has been appointed as the new head of house.

The dishy dad will now have control over his fellow housemates after winning the chilli eating contest.

Stuart - who clocked up 34 points during the challenge, beating Mikey by just four - is now immune from nominations this week.

Runners-up Mohamed, Mikey and Rex joined the father-of-one in the luxury Heaven section of the house, leaving the remaining eight contestants in Hell.

Luke said Hell would be unbearable at "full capacity".

Numbers next to the chillies indicated how many points were on offer for baring the fiery vegetable's spiciness.

But Lisa who was one half of 'Big Brother's' first couple before beau Mario was booted out two weeks ago - thought the numbers indicated how long she had to eat the chillies.

She said: -"Mario will be disappointed."

Stuart had previously said he did not want to win the task because he wanted to be up for eviction this week.

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