Head of House gossip

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 26 July 2008


The housemates gossiped about who will be the new Head of House today. When the 'Big Brother' contestants awoke talk immediately turned to the upcoming Head of House battle, with several of the group claiming they wanted to win the role.

Maysoon - who competed for the position last week - said she might try out again, adding she wants to stay in Heaven because she is "comfortable" there.

Mohamed also said he wanted to win the role, especially as he was been up for eviction twice but has so far survived.

He said: "I think two survivals deserves Head of House!"

Chef Rex claimed his chances of winning the contest are the best and told the group he would pick the housemates who are the most fun to go into Heaven.

When Sara - who has lived in Hell for two weeks - asked if he would pick her, he said it would be funny to keep her in Hell.

He laughed: "You'd be the uncool housemate."

Sara fumed: "Have you no compassion?"

However, bitter Mikey - who has also lived in Hell for two weeks - told Luke he will put himself forward for the position because he is determined to stop Rex winning it.

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