Dale: "Maysoon is boring"

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  • 26 July 2008


Dale and Stuart upset Maysoon last night. During a discussion in the 'Big Brother' luxury bedroom the boys attacked the model for being indecisive and boring, leaving her upset.

As all the heavenly housemates - Luke, Maysoon, Stuart, Dale and Rex - sat chatting, talk quickly turned to Mohamed, who was saved from eviction earlier in the evening.

As Dale slammed Mohamed for being on "borrowed time", Maysoon commented she liked everyone in the house.

Dale said: "That's why I think you're boring, because you say that you like everybody."

Maysoon asked: "Why do you think I'm boring?"

Dale replied: "You're such a lovely person, but it's just the opinion I hold."

Spoiling for a fight, Stuart said he disliked Rex before he realised Rex always speaks his mind.

He said: "People who don't have opinions, you just don't trust."

Dale chimed in, saying Maysoon must air opinions in the Diary Room and so she should also tell the rest of the housemates what she really thought.

He said: "Or that's just stabbing in the back."

Not content with just upsetting Maysoon, Stuart and Dale took their double act into the living room where they began goading Sara.

Claiming the new contestants - Sara, Maysoon and evicted Belinda - had failed to have an impact on the house, Dale said to Sara: "Maysoon has been the dullest of the housemates. You come a close second.

He added Belinda had been the best of the three newbies because she had tried to stir things up a bit.

Referring to the fact Head of House Dale didn't pick her to go to Heaven, Sara shot back: "I haven't had the opportunity."

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