Dua Lipa so proud that Chris Martin loved New Rules

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  • 18 October 2018
Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa has revealed that Coldplay frontman Chris Martin "danced around the room" to her track 'New Rules' when he first heard it and she was blown away by the response

Dua Lipa has revealed that Chris Martin "danced around the room" to her track 'New Rules' when he first heard it.

The 'Electricity' hitmaker has opened up on how her "surreal" meeting with Coldplay frontman Chris led to their collaboration on the 2017 track 'Homesick', and Dua admits that she got star-struck when he started "playing the piano" at a studio in Malibu and then was blown away by his reaction to her music.

Speaking to Billboard, Dua said: "So I sent some unreleased tracks from my album and I get an email going, 'Oh, Chris really likes your stuff why don't you pop down to as studio in Malibu.

"I played him everything I had and I watched [Martin] dancing around the room, writing down the titles of songs, just listening to everything and being really attentive and that was pretty surreal.

"He really likes 'New Rules' and I had lots of my notes either on my phone and or on my laptop, and he was looking at stuff I was writing and he could see on the side I had, 'Album two ideas,' and 'Album three ideas'.

"He goes, 'Why don't I write another one for your album?' And I was like, 'What right now?' And he was like, 'Yeah let's do it, why not?'

"So he got on the piano and started playing and I was like, 'Oh my god this is Coldplay', and we sat down and we had the idea of the title."

The chart topper – who is dating British model Isaac Carew – admitted the song is about her love of "London" and the "rain", especially when she is "somewhere hot" or travelling overseas.

Dua, 23, said: "When I'm travelling so much, and I'm so far away from London, and especially when I spend a lot of time in really hot places where the sun's shining and the weather's amazing, I always miss home and I always miss the rain.

"It's only when it rains in LA, when I go, 'Oh, this is what London feels like and this is the part where I love it the most because I feel like there's a tiny bit of home that I get to carry with me every time that it rains.'

"The whole song is really about the sacrifice that you make spending so much time away from all your loved ones and your friends and your family to live your dream and do what you love."

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