Luke's eviction anger

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  • 26 July 2008


Luke was furious Rebecca was evicted from the 'Big Brother' house last night. The weedy politics student - who enjoyed a flirtation with the busty nursery nurse and spent the last few night passionately kissing her in bed - told Dale and Stuart he was "livid" his love interest had gone home.

Trying to make a joke out of the situation he said: "I can kind of see why you cried Dale, when Jen left. I didn't cry though, so I'm stronger than you."

Swiftly moving the conversation on, Stuart said: "To be honest, tonight I'm more p***ed off."

Dale agreed, saying: "I'm p***ed off and I feel robbed of a friend."

A furious Luke interjected: "Robbed! I... I can't tell you how angry I am. I used so many big words to explain my emotions in the Diary Room earlier.

"I'm livid at the people left in this house who should have been thrown out in week one."

Dale shouted: "Mo!"

Referring to the game of Truth or Dare the previous evening, in which Mohamed - who was facing eviction alongside Bex and Darnell - smooched Bex, Luke confirmed: "I can't look at him Dale. After what he did last night..."

Dale added: "He just shouldn't be here."

Luke then turned on some of the housemates who are friends with Mohamed.

In a comment aimed at Kathreya - who had annoyed Luke by singing throughout the day - he said: "I swear to God I will continue to tell them to shut up every time I hear singing in this house."

Luke also had harsh words for Darnell, saying: "Darnell isn't entertaining. He doesn't entertain me, he just sings all the time."

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