January Clear out


‘I just liked the idea that people could get together and do something for free,’ says Bob Hamilton, organiser of the January Clear Out at the recently refurbished Pearce Institute in Govan. The Clear Out is a whole day of films, discussions, workshops and events aimed at re-establishing the sense of community that the Pearce Institute was set up to encapsulate. There’s a fairly strong anti-consumer impulse underlying most of the day’s events, too. ‘It’s an alternative to dragging the weans round the shops, that’s for sure,’ says Hamilton. ‘The idea behind the day was to remind people there’s more to life than just spending.’ The Radical Independent Book Fair, Jam74 and IndyMedia Scotland will all have some degree of presence, and there will be workshops on everything from making your own radio to using free, shareable software. Hamilton himself runs two community-based websites ?" The Glasgow User’s Manual, an interactive guide to the city, which Clear Out attendees can get involved with, and City Strolls, which encourages people to negotiate the city using different routes. The January Clear Out concludes at 5pm with a Stroll from Govan to the CCA, which will be filmed and displayed at the gallery that evening. Hamilton wants people to look at their city ‘as though they’re Martians just landed on Earth’, in order to rediscover what these bricks and streets mean to them.

January Clear Out, Pearce Institute, Govan, Glasgow, Sat 20 Jan. www.citystrolls.com

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