Housemate's double eviction guess

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 25 July 2008


Some of the housemates think there will be a double eviction tonight. Darnell - who is facing the public vote along with Mohamed and Rebecca - kicked off the discussion when he asked some of the other 'Big Brother' contestants if they thought new people might enter the house tonight.

No-one thought it was a possibility, prompting Darnell to add: "Unless two leave."

He explained he would be more comfortable with his nomination if two people were leaving because then he wouldn't have needed as many votes to go up.

He said: "My friends wouldn't have had to vote for me."

Maysoon echoed Darnell's comments during a conversation with Luke, where she claimed it was more than likely two people would be leaving tonight.

Earlier, Kathreya tried to convince a nervous Darnell he would not be leaving.

She said: "I haven't lost any friends yet and I won't start today."

Darnell muttered: "Yeah but I'm just a new dude coming up here. I feel awful because Rex has survived, Mo has survived, Rebecca has survived. If I get voted out that means people really hate me.

"I'm going up against survivors dude. I'm up against people with fans. If I survive one eviction I won't mind when I leave. I just want to know I've got some fans."

When Big Brother ordered Darnell and the rest of the hellish housemates - Lisa, Sara, Mikey, Kat and Rachel - to clean the house, the moody songwriter moaned: "God damn it, this is the worst thing I could think of doing right now."

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