Luke's Kat anger

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  • 25 July 2008


Luke became exasperated with Kathreya this afternoon (3.30pm). The skinny student went outside to sunbathe but immediately returned to the 'Big Brother' luxury bedroom when he heard cookie-loving Kat and songwriter Darnell singing in the garden.

He moaned: "This singing is getting too much for me. They're singing left right and centre."

He complained to Dale and Bex that Kat's singing was "incessant" and called it "verbal tripe". Bex agreed, adding Kat sounded "like a two year old" when she sang.

Referring to comments Davina made during last week's eviction, Luke said: "No wonder Davina said, 'Do not sing.' She's had enough. Davina McCall has had enough for crying out loud."

Dale added: "All the singing makes me think the show is unpopular because I wouldn't want to watch that."

As the outside group began singing 'Happy House', Luke fumed: "It's a form of torture what they're doing to us. We'll see who's happy tonight."

Hearing Kat belting out another tune in the garden, a furious Luke reached the end of his tether. He leapt across the bedroom, flung the door open and bellowed: "Shut up!"

Earlier, Dale admitted he didn't mind when Darnell sang to the group as he had a good voice.

Luke disagreed, saying: "He shouldn't win the show because he sings bleeding songs. I think he could be viewed as a wannabe for doing that. People will think he wants a record deal."

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