Rex mocks Kat and Rachel

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  • 25 July 2008

Kat and Rachel

Rex mocked Rachel and Kathreya this afternoon (1.55pm). To stave off boredom, cookie-loving Kat and Welsh beauty queen Rachel decided to make some biscuits for the other 'Big Brother' housemates, but chef Rex teased them when their attempts at baking did not go to plan.

After mixing up the batter, Kat was worried she had got the recipe wrong so took the mixture to show Rex.

He declared: "What did you do to make it that bad? How much milk did you put in it?"

He then told the forlorn masseuse she would have to make a cake instead of cookies because the mixture was completely wrong.

He snapped: "Why didn't you listen to what I told you? You're two girls who can't even make a basic recipe."

Next, Rachel accidentally used the wrong cloth to mop up some mess on the work top.

Noticing her mistake, grumpy Rex bitchily asked if she ever did anything to help around the house at home.

Meanwhile, Luke also got stuck into Rachel, claiming he would "vomit" if she won the show.

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