Bex' "horrible" kiss

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  • 25 July 2008

Bex and Luke

Rebecca said kissing Mohamed was "horrible" this morning (11.19am). The busty nursery nurse made the comment to fellow 'Big Brother' housemate Luke as the pair discussed the previous evening's antics.

Last night, Bex passionately kissed Mohamed during a game of Truth or Dare. Skinny Luke - who has enjoyed a flirtation with her - admitted he was "gutted" about the kiss, and could not watch the pair getting amorous.

Luke commented: "I know some people won't like me because of the way I reacted. They'll say, 'Who is he to react like that?' "

Bex - who is facing eviction along with Mohamed and Darnell this week - said he should have told her not to kiss Mohamed if his feelings were that strong, but Luke claimed that would only have made him look "even more ridiculous".

Bex added: "I shouldn't have done it anyway. It was horrible."

The pair also chatted about how the public would view the incident, with Luke letting slip he had given their relationship a moniker based on their two names.

He said: "If you go tonight, Bex, the 'Buke' fans will be outraged."

Bex agreed: "I don't think our fans will be very happy about it."

Tactless Luke added: "But the crowd will boo the hell out of you. They'll hammer you and that's not a nice thing."

Confident Bex said: "It's just booing, I can take it. But I haven't done anything wrong. I only bitched in a funny way. I think the worst thing I've done in the House is kissing Mohamed."

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