W-Hat About is a lively and fun celebration of grandparents (4 stars)

W-Hat About?

Fuora Dance Project's work for children explores the joy of inter-generational relationships, language and wearing a great-looking hat

The last time Robert saw his granddaughters, they were still in nappies. Now, teenagers Azzurra and Alessandra are heading to Scotland from their native Italy, and nobody knows quite what to expect from this long over-due family reunion

The bond between grandparents and grandchildren takes centre stage in this enjoyable new show for ages 4+ and their families by Fuora Dance Project. And if at first there's tension in the air, once Robert and the two get to know each other, it soon dissolves into shared interests and familial love.

Robert's house may be devoid of Wi-Fi, but this busy milliner has a plethora of hats cluttering up his home – including a giant one that doubles as a chair. Which means there's a whole load of fun to be had trying them on – for Azzurra and Alessandra and the audience, when we're all invited on stage to try them on at the end.

Before that, a gentle story unfolds about bereavement, resilience, memories and love across the generations. Giulia Montalbano and Selene Travaglia, as Azzurra and Alessandra respectively, are mischievous and fun – talking rapidly in Italian to their bemused granddad. While Scott Noble as Robert has a warm presence, keeping the audience informed with his patter.

Montalbano is also responsible for the choreography, which is lively and fun throughout, making good use of the colourful set and – of course – all those wonderful hats.

W-Hat About

Children's dance piece by Fuora Dance Project, celebrating the role of grandparents. The performance is an interactive celebration of the importance of intergenerational family ties enriched by a humorous take on the combination of Italian and Scottish cultures.