Kat admits housemate fear

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  • 25 July 2008


Kathreya admitted she is scared of some of the housemates last night. During a late night chat with Darnell and Rachel the bubbly masseuse said she feared the people who dislike her in the 'Big Brother' house, particularly Rebecca, Luke and Dale.

The conversation was sparked by an earlier game of Truth or Dare, during which half of the housemates claimed Kat would win the competition. The rest backed heavenly housemate Luke.

Kat told her friends she was concerned the conversation might turn people against her.

Darnell and Rachel tried to allay their friend's fears by saying the rest of the group would like her if they got to know her properly.

Darnell said: "They don't need to be your friend now because they've got other people to be friends with. When people leave it brings the rest of the group closer together."

Rachel agreed, adding: "You've made a lot of people in here care a lot about you."

The Welsh beauty queen also claimed that when there were only four or five people left in the house and they decided to talk to Kat, they would feel like "complete idiots" for not speaking to her sooner.

Kat said: "I am very happy but I am scared a little bit."

She vowed to try to befriend Dale and Luke.

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