Sir Rod Stewart: I'm making albums for me and a few friends

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  • 4 October 2018
Rod Stewart

Sir Rod Stewart

Veteran star Sir Rod Stewart has claimed he's now "making albums for me and a few friends"

Sir Rod Stewart says he's now "making albums for me and a few friends".

The 73-year-old star is one of the best-selling artists of all time, but Rod has insisted that chart success is no longer a big concern or motivation for him.

The singer - whose latest album is 'Blood Red Roses' - explained: "I always think I've got a lot of friends out there that have followed my career for many, many years.

"They turn up at concerts all over the globe, and if 10 percent of that wonderful audience that I play to buy the album, I'm happy.

"I've had tremendous success in selling millions and millions of albums, so I'm not that bothered if it doesn't sell 10 million. Everybody else can do that. I've had my shot at it. I'm making albums for me and a few friends."

Despite the success he's enjoyed during his career, Rod has no intention of slowing down and is already working on his next record.

The veteran star explained that by 2020, he should have "15 or so good songs" ready for another album.

Rod told Rolling Stone magazine: "I don't know what the themes of the new songs are gonna be yet. But in 18 months I should have 15 or so good songs."

In fact, Rod revealed last month that he already has "nine tracks" that are almost finished.

He said: "We've started work on another album and have nine tracks already. I've just got to write the lyrics."

Rod Stewart

Gravel-voiced Rod returns for more onstage shenanigans lapped up by a partying crowd. There's always 'Maggie May' to look forward to. This time round he is promoting his latest studio album Blood Red Roses.

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