Dundee's NEoN Digital Arts launches 2018 programme

Dundee's NEoN Digital Arts launches 2018 programme

Down the Rabbit Hole, AL and AL

Digital arts festival mixes music, exhibitions, workshops, technology and more

Digital arts festival NEoN (North East of North) is once again transforming Dundee into an electronic playground for six days (Tue 6–Sun 11 November). NEoN will be combining technology with art to create a series of unique events, performances, workshops and exhibitions. 2018's theme will be 'Lifespans' as they explain: 'People born in the 1990s – the first generation of the post-human – are reimagining what it means to be human in the digital age. Internet-connected devices, self-designed infrastructure, and customised genetic medicine are key features of this generation's future. The way in which these technologies develop is extending our lifespans. Online environments like infinite virtual gaming worlds or social spaces are persistent and lasting. NEoN will highlight the work of artists who challenge and celebrate ideas of time, its advantages and its implications.'

Highlights in this year's programme include NEoN at Night (Reading Rooms, Fri 10 Nov) with a mix of live acts, DJs and computer generated animations focusing on the synergy between music and technology. The line-up includes Art of the Memory Palace, DJ RHL, DJ Nina Stanger and Cassie McQuater. Sistema and Tinderbox collaborate as the youth orchestra perform a new score inspired by video games (St Peter's Free Church, Thu 8 Nov).

Dundee Rep will be hosting a special Pecha Kucha Night (Tue 6 Nov) a quick-fire series of inspirational and informative talks where each speaker is given just 20 images and 20 seconds to speak about each image for a rapid fire information download.

installations and exhibitions will also be taking over the city centre. AL and AL explore concepts of space time with their site specific work Down the Rabbit Hole at the Nursery Rhyme clock at Wellgate Shopping Centre (Tue 6–Sun 18 Nov). Also at Wellgate Shopping Centre, group show Lifespans: Forever and Ever (Tue 6–Sun 18 Nov, closed Mon) draws artworks from the world of design and gaming. Vagner Mendonça Whitehead's project, Generations, can be seen from Ward Road (Tue 6–Sun 11 Nov) featuring five video works reflecting on the past and speculating on the future. Tega Brain is an artist and environmental engineer who explores ideas of how human behaviour is now being affected by 'electromagnetic landscapes and signal topographies' via a series of wireless routers at Dundee Botanic Gardens in Being Radiotropic (Mon 29 Oct–Thu 8 Nov). Artist and animator John Butler will be exhibiting a series of posters of utility clothing in Xerox's Paradox at Slessor Gardens (Tue 6 Nov–Sun 11 Nov), while We Need Us (Sleeperz Hotel, Tue 6 Nov–Sun 11 Nov) is a real time data visualisation art piece.

Plus workshops, screenings, walking tours and more through the week and beyond.

NEoN, various venues, Dundee, Tue 6 Nov–Sun 11 Nov. Tickets available now.

NEoN Digital Arts Festival

Scotland's only international digital arts festival, which features moving image, performance, music and technology-driven arts across Dundee.

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