Rex' "better person" claim

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  • 24 July 2008


Rex says he will leave the 'Big Brother' house a "much better person". In a frank conversation with Lisa, the arrogant chef - who has continually moaned he is bored and wants to leave - admitted he has learnt a great deal about himself while he has been in the house and it has helped him "readjust" his outlook on life.

Revealing he was happier in the house, he said: "I find it great now. And also, learning not to say certain things - controlling what you say and controlling what you do. I feel like I really needed that. And I feel like I'm gonna leave here as a much better person."

Former body builder Lisa seemed impressed by Rex' newfound self-awareness, saying: "So you're taking something with you. You're learnt something."

Rex commented: "For value, what I'm gonna get from this is gonna be amazing."

Massaging his ego, Lisa said: "You've done well, by the sounds of it, if you're like that. You've done exceptionally well."

Rex also admitted he was still looking forward to leaving the house, but claimed it had left a lasting impression on him.

He said: "I really can't wait to go outside. Being so free in my normal life, and being able to do whatever I want, I needed to come back to earth and being controlled. I am a bit of a control freak - a big control freak. To come in here... it's completely readjusted my outlook on life."

Former body builder Lisa completely understood, saying: "This really, for someone like me and you, is the worst thing - being out of control."

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