Nile Rodgers recorded 10 songs with Avicii before DJ's death

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  • 28 September 2018
Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers has "at least" 10 unreleased tracks he recorded with late DJ Avicii, but he doesn't know if he'll ever release them

Nile Rodgers has "at least" 10 unreleased tracks he recorded with late DJ Avicii.

The 66-year-old music legend formed a bond with Avicii - who tragically passed away in April, aged 28 - after they worked together on the 2013 hit 'Lay Me Down', and he has now claimed the pair recorded some "extraordinary" music that was never released.

Speaking about the late DJ - whose real name is Tim Bergling - Nile said: "Between Avicii and me, there's at least ten, at least.

"We laughed all the time. I used to say, 'You put Tim and I in a room and we can do the entire Top 20 in, like, two or three weeks'.

"I've just been contacted about putting out my stuff, but I've got to see how it is because I was very close to Tim and the music we didn't put out was extraordinary. He was blown away, as was I."

But the 'Le Freak' hitmaker isn't sure he wants to release the tracks he recorded with the DJ, because he says Avicii would want the music to "benefit" a particular group of people.

He added: "But, because of what I know, which I will not talk about, I want to make sure that whatever work I do would be to the benefit of the people Tim would want that project to benefit."

Whilst he might not be dropping the music he recorded with Avicii, Nile has been hard at work on another release, as his band Chic released their first album in 26 years - entitled 'It's About Time' - on Friday (28.09.18).

Nile called in the likes of Lady Gaga, Craig David, and Emily Sande to help with the record, after he lent a hand to each of them for their own music.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, Nile said: "Most of the time I make other people's records, so what I did with this was a lot of those other people made my record with me.

"Then, as the album starts to get to a certain place, you start to see those people slowly disappear then it becomes more of my base unit, my people.

"Then there's this happy ending like, 'Hey we're rolling in the same town together'."

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