Lisa's Rex moan

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 24 July 2008


Lisa gossiped about Rex today (11.45am). The former bodybuilder complained about the arrogant chef to 'Big Brother' contestants Luke and Mikey, saying she was tired of him continually moaning and saying he wants to leave the 'Big Brother' house.

She said: "Why doesn't he just go? There's the door, if he can't hack another five weeks."

Luke agreed, but said the chef has no intention of walking out of the house because he wants to be evicted.

Mikey said: "That doesn't mean you have to bang on about going for seven weeks."

Lisa then criticised Rex for continually boasting about this "amazing" life in the outside world and called him "selfish" for staying in the house when he was unhappy.

She also said he should try to "grin and bear" the experience.

When Rex walked into the living room where the trio were chatting, Lisa asked him if he actually wanted to stay.

Rex promised he did, claiming he was just "messing" with the group.

Luke said it was a good job he was happier there as the housemates had already put him up for eviction twice but "couldn't get rid of him".

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