Generous Luke

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 24 July 2008


Luke impressed the other housemates with his generosity this morning. Big Brother provided the contestants with packed lunches and as soon as they opened their meals the group began swapping items.

Luke swapped his teabag for Lisa's packet of crisps, but quickly began to feel guilty about the trade.

He said to his love interest Rebecca: "I'm giving Lisa her pack of crisps back. I feel bad about taking a pack of crisps for a teabag."

He then shouted at Lisa: "Lisa, here! Take these crisps! I feel bad about taking a teabag off you after how well you treated me when I was ill."

The group chorused "aw" and Kathreya even clapped as Luke handed the snack back.

Luke said: "They're clapping for me! Thank you!"

Mixing his words up, Darnell said: "Oh, Mr Philanderer - um, Philanthropist."

Luke replied: "Yes, I've really gone all out today. I'm in a good mood. Yes, I gave the sugar away, the crisps away. What the hell's going on?"

Minutes later, Bex stunned the group by offering to share her lunch with Kathreya.

Darnell commented: "This is crazy talk. I'm kind of scared today."

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