Pls Like Series 2, BBC One and BBC Three (4 stars)

Pls Like, BBC One and BBC Three

Second series of Liam Williams' vlogger mockumentary still hits the satirical spot

Doing to the YouTuber set what Nathan Barley did to the early noughties' London media crowd, Pls Like returns to once again pick away at the vanities and insecurities of the vlogging generation. Instead of attempting to fully become part of a world that he neither understands nor cares much for, Liam Williams (or at least a fictionalised version of the Yorkshire stand-up and member of sketch trio Sheeps) has regained his sneering distance to make a documentary about the increasingly fraught build-up to The Likeys, a high-profile vlogger awards ceremony.

With Millipede (Emma Sidi) having escaped the contractual clutches of her long-term partner Charlie South (Jon Pointing), she's preparing to host The Likeys alongside controversial Danish-American online personality DumpGhost (Tom Stourton). When he makes a deeply unsavoury comment at the awards launch, the creative force behind The Likeys (sleazy James Wirm played to note perfection by Tim Key) sets up a series of firefighting operations which inevitably lead to an all-out pyromaniacal catastrophe. It does seem highly improbable that Wirm would allow 'Liam' back into the building having exposed his corrupt dealings at the end of series one, but we'll let that pass.

While much of the attention in this series goes on the Millipede / Charlie break-up and consequences, there are a few fresh characters thrown into the chaos across the six episodes; as well as the awful DumpGhost, we meet Tingle Maid (the very funny Natasia Demetriou as an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response practitioner), Dina Discourse (Shivani Thussu's liberal-left vlogger) and Biel Agnew, a nerdy algorithm expert played by Kieran Hodgson.

With references to the adult Peppa Pig videos which traumatised toddlers, and the Logan Paul scandal which appalled every living being with a pulse after he filmed the body of an apparent suicide victim in Japan, it's clear that the online world, and those wacky YouTubers in particular, will continue to throw up more fresh material for the likes of Liam Williams to poke amusing fun at.

Pls Like series two is released as a box-set on BBC Three, Tuesday 25 September; starts weekly on BBC One, Friday 28 September, 11.25pm.