Amy Adams praises 'generous' husband

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  • 23 September 2018
Amy Adams

Amy Adams

Amy Adams thinks her husband has been "extremely generous" in allowing her to put her career first and pursue her acting while he stays at home with their eight-year-old daughter Aviana

Amy Adams thinks her husband has been "extremely generous" in allowing her to put her career first.

The 44-year-old actress - who has eight-year-old daughter Aviana with spouse Darren Le Gallo - finds it frustrating that society finds it "odd" for her to be the main "breadwinner" but she's thankful the artist is happy to stay at home and allow her to pursue acting projects.

She told Heat magazine: "We've often talked about how sometimes society finds it odd that a woman may be the one who is the principal breadwinner and the man should occupy the role of looking after the home.

"Darren is very happy to do this for me and this for me and our daughter and it is extremely generous of him to put aside his desires and aspirations to follow me and allow me to work for very long periods away from home."

But the 'Nocturnal Animals' star admitted she hates being away from her daughter so tries to bring her with her whenever she has to travel for work.

Asked if it's hard, she said: "Sometimes, I will want to have my daughter closer to me when I'm working and I'll bring Aviana along with me wherever I'm filming.

"It depends on the project and how disruptive it's going to be on her."

Amy - who can currently be seen in TV show 'Sharp Objects', which she also executive produced - doesn't worry about winning awards as her focus is more on her family.

She added: "It's something nice that happens when your films get noticed and people appreciate your work. But, in general, I'm thinking about my family, my daughter, and preparing for the next project.

"I try to use the time I have in between films to relax as much as I can. Working on 'Sharp Objects' was an exception because I was taking an active role in developing the series.

"I'd like to be involved in getting more projects like that made down the road."

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