Jake Shears' split influenced his solo album

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  • 22 September 2018
Jake Shears

Jake Shears

Jake Shears' break-up from actor-and-producer Chris Moukarbel "absolutely" influenced his art, and inspired him to work on his solo album

Jake Shears admits his break-up influenced many of the songs on his solo album.

The 39-year-old singer's 11-year relationship with actor-and-producer Chris Moukarbel ended in 2015 and the demise of his most significant romantic relationship and his relocation from New York to Los Angeles all seeped into the lyrics of the tracks on his first solo LP because has losing a huge part of his life.

In an interview with Gay Times magazine, the former Scissor Sisters frontman said: "I was devastated. We'd been together since 2004, so he'd been with me through all of it. We had so many memories and shared experiences and it's really just the saddest thing to say goodbye to that person.

"It feels like you're losing a huge part of your life - which I was. He's an amazing man, and it's always gonna hurt, it's always gonna be there with me. "

"I really had nothing ahead of me. I had nothing going on, I was breaking up with my partner, so I decided to just leave and go to New Orleans on my own."

Jake's self-titled album came out in August and was his first release of new music since the Scissor Sisters' final LP, 2012's 'Magic Hour'.

However, the flamboyant frontman insists he had been working towards this record his "whole life" but he just didn't have the confidence of life experience to make it before.

He said: "This is my dream. I think I've been trying to make this album my whole life, but I just don't think I was old enough, and I don't think I had enough experiences under my belt.

"I didn't want to put something out until it was something I was totally, completely in love with. It's just been a total labour of love.

"I want it to sound exactly as it sounds now. And it's all on my own money! So I have to completely stand behind it."

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