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  • 24 July 2008


The housemates have passed this week's shopping task. The 'Big Brother' contestants were delighted to hear they had bagged themselves a luxury budget, particularly as they have been living on basic rations for the last two weeks.

The group were initially concerned they had failed when Big Brother announced they had not passed the Human Clock Challenge, which saw them tasked with estimating one hour in time. They were only allowed to be out by two-and-a-half minutes either way.

Big Brother announced: "Housemates overran the Human Clock Challenge by twelve minutes and five seconds and therefore failed this part of the shopping task."

Luke cried: "We suck!"

Big Brother then announced Rebecca, Luke and Rex - who were completing the archaeological dig task - had also failed.

Kathreya reassured them: "Don't feel bad."

The mood lifted when it was announced all other tasks had been passed, with the hellmates - Darnell, Mohamed, Mikey, Lisa, Sara, Rachel and Kat - particularly happy they had successfully completed their endurance test.

Rachel said: "Well done guys, a valiant effort from Hell. Mikey we've done it. After two weeks on basic budgets. We couldn't have done a third week."

Mikey declared: "We're going to have £455!"

To which Mohamed added: "I think we should forget how much we've got to spend and start thinking about what we're going to buy!"

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