Rex' Rachel moan

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  • 24 July 2008


Rex accused Rachel of putting on an act in order to win a "free ticket to the final" last night. In a discussion with Rex, Rebecca claimed Rachel's personality was different when they met during the 'Big Brother' audition process. Later, the arrogant chef decided to confront the Welsh beauty queen with the information.

He said: "I don't think you're the same on the outside as you are in here. That's just my opinion."

He told Rachel he had "good reasons" for making the comment, but refused to go into details.

Rachel replied: "So someone's obviously told you that and you've listened. That's fine."

Rex said: "It doesn't make you a bad person. I just think in here you're being lovely and 'la la la' to get a ticket to the final."

Darnell stepped in, saying: "You're such a liar. You don't think that! You've known her long enough."

Sticking to his guns, Rex claimed Rachel was probably very opinionated when she was in the safety of the Diary Room.

Although she tried to defend herself, Rachel eventually broke down in tears.

She eventually confronted Rex about the comments, saying she was upset he was "doubting" her because she thought they were friends.

Rex explained he found it difficult to understand how she could be so "unopinionated", but the pair made up when he said it was Bex who had planted the seed of doubt in his mind.

Bex was furious Rex had revealed they had been gossiping and fumed: "Why did you bring me into it? I told you not to say anything. I can't be a**ed with this. Everyone's going to hate me now."

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