Beta Waves: 'We could never have imagined getting to where we are in such a small space of time'

Exposure: Beta Waves

Dundonian synth pop duo making waves on the Scottish music scene

Beta Waves are a new band from Dundee who have been gaining national attention with each single they have released. With a knack for locking into some very radio-friendly synth-pop grooves, this duo are poised to explode over the coming year. We speak to the band's Dale Easson about their accidental formation and what audiences can expect from their live shows.

How did you come together and when did you start making music?
Beta Waves is a happy accident. I'd love to say it was very weird but to be honest, we started jamming with another couple of friends and it was turning into a jazz/blues-influenced band and the songs were 'vintage'. I got Harry involved after I met him outside a pub in Dundee and remembered he could play keys. But then bizarrely we found electronic drums and synths when the two of us had a jam (the other guys couldn't make it this time). Then later that week I ended up making two tunes, 'Love Love Love' and 'Let It Out'. And here we are less than a year later.

What were your previous bands like? What do you think is different this time?
I played bass in a blues band that took influences from Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac and other blues artists from the 60s and 70s, we had a moderate amount of success but eventually split. Harry was in a few different guitar-based bands too that focused around heavy riffs. So this band sits on a whole spectrum. We have always listened to bands like Jagwar Ma, LCD Soundsystem and Tame Impala so it's a natural progression for us as musicians now we have or own project.

There is a lot of focus on Glasgow and Edinburgh's music scenes, what is Dundee's like?
The number of great young bands like St. Martiins and Sahara coming out of Dundee has exploded over the last year and there seems to be a growing interest in live music again, which is great to see.

What are your favourite venues to play at in Dundee? Or the rest of Scotland?
It's difficult that question actually, Fat Sam's Live would be my favourite Dundee venue. I've played there once for a party, it was a few years ago but more recently I saw the DMAs and it was bouncing! Favourite Glasgow venue would have to be Saint Luke's after playing the all-dayer we both fell in love with it.

How has the last year been for you?
Pretty damn hectic. It's been full of stress, happiness and sadness, but it's all been worth it. We could never have imagined getting to where we are in such a small space of time, in the space of nine months we have went from playing our first show to family and friends to playing a massive festival like Belladrum.

Beta Waves have got a few live dates lined up, can you tell people what they can expect when they come to a live show?
Sweat and tears (mainly from Harry). I'd like to think we improve after every show, we also don't like to do exactly the same thing twice so there will be subtle changes in each live show, that keeps it more interesting for us.

What does the future look like for Beta Waves at the moment? Can we expect an album soon?
An album hasn't really been thought of yet, a little too early. We have plenty of tracks in the wings we can record, we are constantly writing and knocking ideas back and forward so some even newer stuff that hasn't even seen a stage yet. So keep your peepers peeled.

You are playing the Dirty Weekender in November, are there any other acts on the festival bill you are hoping to catch?
Jake Bugg and The Coral are a must see for me. There are a couple of Glasgow bands like The Van Ts and LUCIA who we'd like to catch up with too!!

Beta Waves new single 'Love Love Love' is out now; the band play Kilmarnock's The Dirty Weekender, Sat 24 Nov.

Kilmarnock's Dirty Weekender

Four days of live music, including The Coral, The LaFontaines, The Snuts, Jake Bugg, Twisted Wheel, Goldie Lookin Chain any many more play across multiple venues.

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