Christine and the Queens inspired by Madonna

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  • 19 September 2018
Christine and the Queens

Christine and the Queens

Christine and the Queens has opened up about being inspired by Madonna's masculine yet feminine image in the 90s

Christine and the Queens is inspired by Madonna's "macho but feminine presence" from the 90s.

The 'Tilted' hitmaker was spanked on stage by the Queen of Pop as a fan at one of her gigs and even went on to duet with the 'Like A Virgin' in 2016.

Christine's forthcoming second studio album 'Chris' - which is released on Friday (21.09.18) - has "sexual" themes about "desire", which the French pop star has praised the 60-year-old megastar for pulling off as a woman.

She said: "I wanted an album more sexual and about desire.

"Madonna's presence in the 90s was quite macho but still feminine, she superimposed contradictory things - that was very inspiring.

"All the male pop stars I adore are all very sexual, even Michael Jackson and The Weeknd.

"They write about desire and that interested me but I wanted it from the point of view of a woman."

The 30-year-old singer - whose real name is Heloise Letissier - says she feels liberated wearing her hair in a short style and not wearing girly outfits.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "There's a liberation in cutting your hair, wearing a vest and exposing my muscles."

Christine is now nicknamed Chris after naming her new record the latter, and she loves that no one knows what to call her.

She joked: "It's disorder, it's perfect. I don't know either ... Chris is probably my favourite because it's short and you can call it to me anywhere."

Christine feels like an entirely different person when she's off stage and doesn't get bothered by fans in the street.

She said: "I can disappear completely, I'm very shy.

"People don't recognise me, I pass for a young fragile French student."

Meanwhile, the 'Saint Claude' singer recently admitted she felt "reclusive and lonely" making her first album.

She buried her head in books when she was working on her debut LP 'Chaleur humaine', and it was only after she toured the world and got to interact with her audience that she grew a confidence, which allowed her to be more "intimate" with her fans on 'Chris'.

She admitted: "On the first album I was quite reclusive and lonely.

"I was in my books, believing that literature was better than life."

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