Clock task starts

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  • 23 July 2008


Maysoon and Stuart began their clock-making challenge this afternoon (4.30pm). The 'Big Brother' housemates were banished to their bedrooms earlier in the afternoon so the test could be set up, but when they emerged to find the pieces of the watch in the garden they were immediately suspicious.

Rex said: "There's got to be a twist. It's too simple - there's only five cogs."

Stuart replied: "It'll be harder than it looks, I'm sure."

Head of House Dale added: "You might only have 60 seconds. It could be anything."

Before the speculation could continue Dale was told to go to the Diary Room to pick up instructions for the task.

He returned and read: "Big Brother has made a clock, which is currently disassembled in the garden. In order to pass this part of the shopping task, Maysoon and Stuart must put the clock back together correctly.

"Once Maysoon and Stuart have rebuilt the clock and bolted the component parts together, they should test whether they have constructed the clock correctly, by winding it up with the key. If they have constructed it correctly, the hands on the front of the clock will go round."

Confident Stuart and Maysoon walked out to start the task, with an enthusiastic Dale following them to give moral support.

As he reached the watch cogs, Dale commented sadly: "It's nowhere near as easy as it looks."

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