Housemates reminisce

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  • 23 July 2008


Luke, Rebecca, Dale and Stuart reminisced about their time in the 'Big Brother' house this afternoon. They may only have been incarcerated for seven weeks, but the group were keen to relive their favourite moments during an animated discussion in the luxury bedroom.

Luke asked Dale: "What's been your best day so far?"

Busty Bex interrupted: "When they played Hanson!"

The boys moaned at Bex' reply, before Dale replied: "I did really like the Japan task."

Acting out the karate-chop challenge he completed for the task, Dale explained: "I hadn't been nervous like that for ages. Them big drums. And then it went proper silent and I just went 'Yaaaaah!' It broke into four pieces! And then everybody come round, it was class!"

Bex asked Luke: "What was yours?"

Luke replied: "The wedding day. We did the wedding, we did the drama beforehand - was it on? Was it off? I still maintain Mario screwed that up completely.

Bex added: "The Zoo Task was absolutely hilarious."

She then burst into a rendition of the Guns N' Roses song 'Welcome to the Jungle' as she recalled the time Big Brother played the track into the house.

Luke then asked: "Stu, what's your favourite day?"

The muscle man replied: "Passing the treadmill task, which we thought we'd failed. It was all about to kick off, and then we passed. That was pretty good."

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