Housemates' eviction chat

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  • 23 July 2008

Bex and Luke

Luke, Rebecca, Stuart and Dale discussed who they think will be evicted this week this afternoon (2.50pm). The four 'Big Brother' contestants started gossiping about the impending eviction - which sees Rebecca, Darnell and Mohamed all facing the public vote - while in the luxury bedroom.

Luke was adamant Mohamed - who has been criticised for being greedy and not sharing food - would be leaving, but Rebecca thought Darnell would be heading home.

Mimicking Davina McCall, Luke said: "The sixth person to be evicted from the 'Big Brother' house is... Darnell."

He then claimed the words sounded good together which could mean Darnell was heading home.

Stuart said: "The sixth person to be evicted from the 'Big Brother' house is... Rebecca. Rebecca has a ring to it though!"

As Bex sat looking worried, the boys started discussing which of the evicted contestants had received the worst reception from the crowd.

Dale and Stuart claimed Sylvia and muscle man Mario had received vicious boos, prompting Luke to moan he couldn't hear because he never got close enough to the door when someone was leaving.

The tactless student turned to his love interest Bex and said: "I'm getting to the door if you get evicted!"

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