The Netball World Cup coming to Liverpool in 2019, tickets on sale now

The Netball World Cup coming to Liverpool in 2019, tickets on sale now.

Teams to compete for netball's ultimate prize on the banks of the UNESCO World Heritage waterfront

It's time again for the quadrennial Netball World Cup to return and in 2019 the UK will play host to the tournament for the third time in its history. The 2019 event will run from 12-21 Jul 2019 at the Echo Arena and surrounding ACC campus in Liverpool and tickets are on sale now.

Sixty matches will be played over ten days as teams from across the continents compete for netball's ultimate prize. The International Netball Federation has developed a new World Cup competition format for 2019, which will see teams compete in three stages at the tournament: the Preliminaries Stage One from 12–14 Jul, the Preliminaries Stage Two from 15–18 Jul and the Play-offs and Placings matches from 19–21 Jul.

Heading into Preliminary Stage One are teams representing Australia, Northern Ireland, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Malawi, Barbados, Singapore, Jamaica, South Africa, Trinidad, Tobago, Fiji, England, Uganda, Scotland and Samoa.

This will be the 15th edition of the premier tournament that first began in England in 1963. The previous 2015 NWC took place in Sydney, where the host country took the title against New Zealand in the gold medal match. The 2019 event marks the third time the UK has hosted the tournament which has previously taken place in Eastbourne (1963) and Birmingham (1995).

As the interest in women's sport in the UK continues to rise, NWC has set out to have a landmark year and hopes to achieve the accolade for 'Best World Cup in Female Sport'. The tournament and surrounding programme of events aim to celebrate the all-female sport and its participating athletes.

The Netball World Cup 2019 takes place at Echo Arena in Liverpool from 12-23 Jul 2019 and tickets are on sale now.

Netball World Cup

Netball's ultimate competition comes to Liverpool in 2019 with 60 matches played over ten days from countries across the continents.