Dig task over

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 23 July 2008


The housemates think they have passed their archaeological dig task. Luke, Rebecca and Rex were given one hour to find a number of items Big Brother had hidden in a patch of mud. They then had to guess which period in time each of the unearthed treasures was from.

After a couple of false starts - where Rex uncovered part of a chocolate wrapper and Luke mistook his trowel for an artefact - the group soon got into the swing of digging and uncovered a number of items including a coin, a doll and a carriage clock.

Stuart decided to help spur them on by shouting motivational phrases.

He encouraged: "Keep moving, keep going. Come on keep going, no-one stops! Move quicker! Keep pushing. Get stuck in, everything should be killing."

40 minutes into the task Rex realised how little ground the group had covered and lost his temper with Bex and Luke.

He fumed: "What the f**k have they been doing for the whole time?"

As time drew on, Stuart took to counting down the time by shouting "five minutes left! Two minutes! Five minutes!" at random intervals.

When Big Brother warned the contestants they only had five minutes remaining, Rex asked Bex to start "stabbing" the soil to loosen it for him.

Not happy with her efforts, he snapped: "That's not stabbing it, you're just brushing it."

Bex replied: "I don't know what you want me to do."

When the timer sounded to indicate the task was over, Rex stalked off looking angry.

Ever the optimist, Stuart said: "I think you've done it. You've definitely got five."

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