Who Stole Frankenstein's Brain? is a live radio play whodunnit for children

Who Stole Frankenstein's Brain? is a live radio play whodunnit for children

Co-creator Bex Johnson explains what kids can expect from the fun-filled show

Of all the classic monsters from the pre-war Universal movie era, perhaps Frankenstein's monster is the most comedic: Dracula is too sleazy, the Mummy is hard to make a connection with, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon is just a bit wet.

So, it's only right that the lab experiment with a forehead scar and bolt through its neck should be the key figure for an afternoon of scary Halloween fun, ideally suited for kids aged 8–12.

'Who Stole Frankenstein's Brain? is a live radio play whodunnit for children,' says co-creator Bex Johnson, who also stars in it alongside stand-up comedian Billy Kirkwood and Edinburgh Dungeon actor Russell Coid. 'It'll be a fun-filled show which allows children to be "the detective" and solve the central mystery.

'Frankenstein is one of our favourite scary monsters. His height and appearance is not only amusing, but his patchwork-body of different pieces lends the character to humour and mystery.'

The show (a joint venture between The Stand and Poisoned Apple Productions) features lots of interactive capers, plus there'll be a special prize for the best fancy-dress costume.

'Audiences can expect to lots of fun and laughs, and a show where they need to use their brains to work out the thief,' adds Johnson, who is also keen to reassure any grown-ups who fear it might be too scary for their wee ones. 'There might be mild frights based on costumes and appearances, but mainly there will just be lots of silly things for the kids to get involved with.'

The Stand, Glasgow, Sun 28 Oct.

Stand Kids Comedy Club and Poisoned Apple Presents Who Stole Frankenstein's Brain?

Part comedy show and part classic whodunit, an interactive show about a radio play that goes haywire. Fancy dress encouraged.

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